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The Ukraine is one of the many countries that once formed part of the Soviet Union and since regaining its independence it is struggling to re-establish its identity. So, it is hardly surprising amidst all these changes that a unique and original group has also been born, the Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists, the brainchild of Andrii Litovchenko.

Peter Dietrich First visited Kiev and Andrii's fledgling group in 1999. He returned a short while later and joined the group on their annual trip to the Crimea - out of which came the two-part film Crimean Odyssey. On a subsequent visit to Kiev, Dietrich teamed up with Andrii and together they launched their own video production company, KCN Productions, witli a philosophy behind the Films of "filming beautiful places, friendly people, and poetical images, for we were tired of looking at the same old documentaries that purport to be the public voice of naturism, and we have tried to inject a new vision into our films, to give them a poetical element and to go back to the pioneering days of naturism when families just had fun and great experiences together without worrying about politics and being 'correct'.

    The first four films from the Ukraine are now available through Tower Productions. Each film succeeds in portraying the adventures of a naturist group of lively and amusing men, women, and children. The latest films have just arrived in the UK. Crimea Revisited - Part One is a sort of naturist road movie following a family group of 12 on their annual holiday trip from Kiev to the Crimea down to the Black Sea and a spot called Fox Bay. Along the way there are amusing diversions and once encamped on the beach all sorts of weird and wonderful events and activities are caught on film.

"H&E Naturist"
"H&E Naturist"

The video captures camping, in a beautiful spot.  I got the sense that naturism exercises a greater appeal than that on organized naturist sites. I wonder how long it will be before some developer, as seems inevitable, builds a naturist business on the shores of Fox Bay.

The second film, Impressions from a Croatian Saga, is about a mixed group of 20 Ukrainian and Russian naturists of all ages trekking in an old bus from Kiev, through Hungary and on to Croatia the birthplace of modern holiday naturism. The bus packs up and the group end up spending longer in the Kovacine naturist camp than planned. Most of this video is dedicated to this quiet resort and its beaches. Finally, the group reach Monsena - just in time for a big- gathering of naturists from all over the Mediterranean at the 29th Alp-Adria meeting. Many visitors, many sports but not much filming at Monsena as the security guards enforce a ludicrous 'no filming' policy. This is disappointing and annoying, but the insertion of some Monsena footage shot a couple of years ago just about saves the day. The press notes with these videos state that the KCN groups are always interested in contact with other naturists.

Tom Kermode

Andrii Litovchenko, KCN, PO Box 74, KIEV 213, Ukraine.
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