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"Health & Efficiency" December 2001


Peter H. Dietrich

This summer, H & E contributor and filmmaker Peter H. Dietrich, now resident in Kiev, Ukraine, revisited Fox Bay in the Crimea on the Black Sea for a three-week working holiday to shoot his latest video. 

"Health & Efficiency" December 2001

The group of 12, made up of families and friends, join others and camp wild on the shoreline. Food, firewood and water have to be brought in, cooking is over open fires. The locals supply fruit, bread and milk. As Peter says: “A group of naturist families living in close proximity and harmony is something very special indeed, especially when the lifestyle is so basic and almost primitive.”

"Health & Efficiency" December 2001

Peter has several videos currently in production, including documentaries on Croatia and the Crimea. Look out for further announcements regarding their availability in future issues of H & E. 

"Health & Efficiency" December 2001

“To experience the mud bath for oneself instead of simply filming others in it, an amazing sensation as it oozes warm and fluid around you. Then to feel it dry on your skin to form a second skin. A kind of rebirth through the elements as you wash it off in the sea, that seems to sigh in harmony.” 

“I film what I like filming most: happy people having a great time together.”

"Health & Efficiency" December 2001


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