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"Naturally"   # 30 (Spring 1999)

Ukraine  The Crimean Experience

article and photographs by: Robbert Broekstra

Fox Bay on the Black Sea is about 700 miles from the Ukraine capital Kiev, and naturists come from all over the Ukraine, from Russia, and from many other countries for its warm weather, sunny blue skies, and crystal-clear waters.

We left Kiev at 6:00 am by car, packed with tent and
luggage. On the way we stopped in the city of
Zaporizzia, to visit its nude beach and to meet some members of that area's naturist club. We arrived late (3 p.m.) due to heavy traffic, keeping our new friends  waiting since noon.

"Naturally"   # 30 (Spring 1999)

The nude beach in Zaporizzia has been in existence for 2 years. Although the 15-member naturist club is rather small, they are a congenial bunch. I saw many more naturists at the beach, but not everyone feels like joining a club. Part of the water is overgrown with vegetation, which can entangle you, but the sandy beach is clear, and the people are very friendly. One of the women called me "brother"; it was like I had known her for years. Unfortunately, because we arrived so late, we could only spend two hours before we had to continue on our way.

We continued our journey but it was impossible to make it in one day. So, about 400 kilometers before Fox Bay, we took a side road and slept into the open air ... a new experience for me.

Lying in a field and looking at the stars with a temperature of about 20 degrees is a sensational feeling. It didn't rain that night, but as soon as we left the next morning a fierce thunderstorm broke loose, flooding the highways and
byways for about 30 minutes. Then the sun broke through and the temperature rose to 30 degrees. After arriving at the Fox Bay village, near the beach, we got some drinking water to take with us, paid a small fee, drove on a dusty road for a while, then on foot - about a 1.5-mile track - to the beach. It was no easy task with my heavy suitcase and camera equipment, to walk on the rocks that last leg. What a scorcher!

"Naturally"   # 30 (Spring 1999)

"Naturally"   # 30 (Spring 1999)

The beach itself is about 2 miles long, and the surrounding countryside is mountains and forest. There is no electricity, running water, or nearby stores. You  must bring in everything yourself. It is about 4.5 miles away to the nearest Village and a good 4-hour walk (round trip)just  to get drinking water from a natural spring well. Just after the sunrise, people gather  their jerry cans and bottles to make the walk into the mountains, which is also a great place to spend some time; you can pitch a tent anywhere; and quite often we came across other naturists or textile people who had done so.
On our walk through the forests, breathing the fresh mountain air, we passed fields, giant- size boulders, and beautiful panoramas. When we arrived at the spring and filled our bottles with crystal clear cool water, we even cooled our bodies with it. Some textiles were also filling their bottles, but none seemed to be bothered by our nudity; only a child asked what kind of people we were.

We returned to the beach about four hours later and started to prepare our food, gathered some wood and made a fire.  Of course, if you want tea or coffee later on, you again have to first make a fire - now that's roughing it! But I enjoyed every minute of it. It took some getting used to, seeing people brush their teeth and wash their dishes in the Black sea while I was swimming, but after a few days I didn't really notice it anymore.

At night, not everyone had a tent, so many slept in the open air, eather at the beach or in the mountains - some with babies and little children. If it rains they would crowd in with those who have tents. Everyone helps out - including sharing meals. It looked like a real community at times - sometimes like a gypsy camp - but always oozing with warmth and the friendliness that I shall never forget. During the early morning - around 7:00 am there was a woman went around selling buns and cakes. . I also enjoyed walking in the mountains - sometimes alone, and other times with people who would  join me and pose for  pictures along the way.

I tell you, the unrushed pace of wilderness living, without any creature comforts - electricity, or other city niceties - is an experience not to be missed; it teaches you to really to appreciate what you have at home.

If this is your kind of adventure, then contact: Ukraine, Kiev -213, POB 74, KCN, Litovchenko Andrii. Phone: +380 (44) 412-67-59 .

Robbert Broekstra

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