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The Ukraine is one of the many countries that once formed part of the Soviet Union, and as such was lost in the huge mass of that  pitiless and soul-destroying machinery. But now, since regaining its independence, it is struggling to re-establish its own identity and recapture its buried, but not forgotten, history and culture. Slowly, the Ukraine is being reborn into a world that for too long had ignored its very existence.

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So, it is hardly surprising amidst all these changes that a very unique and original group has also been born, the Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists (KCN). The club is the brainchild of Andrii Litovchenko, president and leader of one of the friendliest and most natural naturist groups I have ever frequented throughout the world. The KCN, as it is known, celebrated its fifth birthday in March, and it was time to take off our hats and give three cheers for this wonderful "commonwealth", which could give a few other groups a lesson or two in what naturism really is about.

I first visited Kiev and Andrii's group in 1999, after contact by post and telephone, and having read the late Robbert Broekstra's articles about them in various naturist magazines. Well, to say I was surprised by the warm welcome I received would be a huge understatement. We were only in the Ukraine for a fleeting ten days, but in that time Andrii organized all kinds of activities for the film 1 was making about naturism in the Ukraine, and at the end of my stay I knew I would return. How not to be hooked, having once tasted such a lifestyle, after the hysteria and paranoia that seems to have tainted naturism back in the West? Here, naturism still possessed the family values we once considered the basis of all naturism. I had the impression of a giant step back in time, to the aura of innocence we grew up in without people screaming about "invasion of privacy'' and even hinting at "pornography" because I wield a professional video camera and make family naturist films! Yes, 1 had found a place that suited me, and into which I felt I could fit with ease.


"The Australian Naturists" №15

So I did return, and this time we visited the Crimea with a small group of Andrii's club members. We had a fabulous time. and made some great films and photos. These were marketed by Tower Productions in England, and are still available under the title Crimean Odyssey. But then Andrii, ever the chief and an enterprising one at that, asked me why we didn't edit and market our own films, rather than give them to others to deal with. That way we could keep control over style and content while establishing ourselves as a new company in the world market. So, on my second return, and after spending three weeks again in the Crimea, we did just that.

So KCN Productions came into being, and after several months of hard work, our first four films were ready to go out into the world. Now all we had to do was sit back and await the world's reactions. It was a troubled and worrying time, as always when one's 'baby' has to make its own way in life. Well, as with our children, we wait and watch to see how they get on without our help. So far, reactions have been good, and we hope that these first films will be the beginning of a long and lively relationship with naturists world-wide who enjoy seeing beautiful places, friendly people and poetical images. Tired of looking at the same old documentaries that purport to be the public voice of naturism, we have tried to inject a new vision  into our films. We try to give them a poetical element and to go back to the pioneering days of naturism when families just had fun and great experiences together  without  worrying about politics and being 'correct'. Naturism is after all a family movement, and we hope our films have expressed this a little as they show the great 'family' of naturists here in the East, where family ties and values still seem to be the most important thing in life, rather than riches and position.

Our first four films are now available through TAN in Australia and New Zealand: Impressions of a Croatian Odyssey, and Crimea Revisited. Parts 1, 2 and 3. Each film is unique in trying to portray our adventures without being a typically straight documentary. They are genuine family-orientated naturist films, and should please all naturist families, and perhaps even non-naturist families who are trying to take the final big step into naturism and need some extra persuasion. Our films show naturists and families of all ages just being themselves naturally in fabulous and natural places, so if you enjoy naturism at its best. we invite you to take a look. We are also planning to produce two photo albums about our trips very shortly, and these will be advertised when they are available.

The KCN is an original and lively group of naturists created by Andrii and led on by his ever-creative and inquisitive mind. It's a year-round club, with weekly meetings at the sauna, an officially approved sandy beach on the river Dnipro. and annual outings to the Alp-Adria meeting in Croatia. Holidays in the Crimea have also become a regular yearly  event  since  1995. Foreign visitors are always made very welcome, and if anyone reading this article or seeing our films wants to visit, we ask them to contact us at the postal address below, or by email.  They will receive an answer in English, and will perhaps join the growing number of foreigners to visit and enjoy what is a unique and special club in the world of naturism. I was so impressed by my welcome each time, I am now living permanently in Kiev, working with Andrii and his friends to make KCN Productions a name to be reckoned with in naturist films and books.

We have many new trips and    adventures    already planned, so if true naturists and their way of life impress you, watch out for our new films as they become available through this magazine.  The Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists is definitely one of the finest and most original groups around, so I wish them long life and continued success as they celebrate their fifth birthday, and I thank them sincerely for the welcome I have received in moving to this vast country I now call home.

For full details about visiting KCN or the Ukraine, please write to:

 Andrii Litovchenko, KCN, P. 0. Box 74, KIEV -213,  Ukraine. 

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