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"The Australian Naturist"  # 20


by Peter H. Dietrich

The Dutch based Smoothie Club now boasts some 600 members, and it is led and hosted by Gerard and his wife Ria, who also edit and publish the smoothie magazine 'Nudest', in Dutch, English and German versions. A family-based business that is rapidly growing to become an internationally acclaimed one, with annual cruises in Croatia, and various meetings in Holland throughout the year. So, when Gerard invited KCN members to join in the annual International Smoothie Days at Flevo Natuur, close to Amsterdam, and also invited KCN Productions to record the events on video film, we gladly accepted the chance to "go west".

Five of us set off from Kiev, Andrii, President of the KCN, three girls; Sofia, Oxcana and Tala and myself. We drove the 2,300km from Kiev to Amsterdam in three days, stopping briefly at Krakow in Poland, and Dresden and Hanover in Germany. To say we were exhausted on arrival would be an understatement, but the great and warm welcome we received from Gerard and Ria soon shook away those travel blues, and we quickly entered the spirit of the Smoothie Days with many a toast and joke to celebrate our arrival.

The basic philosophy behind the Smoothie Club is the total removal of all, or most of, body hair, to leave the naked body smooth and shaven like classic Greek statues. But beyond this idea, there is also a great tolerance for each other that many a naturist group might learn from, as many members sport body piercing and tattoos, and one thing I remarked was the total acceptance of every idea that might be considered 'weird' in less open circles. Indeed, Gerard explained that Flevo Natuur was the only naturist site in Holland that would accept his group ipso facto, which goes to prove my point; most naturist groups are still unwilling to 'let anything go', despite their pleas of tolerance and body acceptance.


Flevo Natuur is in itself a fantastic place for naturists of all ages, with 35 hectares of terrain surrounded by natural forests and lakes, and it's hard to believe that some 50 years ago this whole peninsula was under the sea! Yes, Flevo Land is one of those places that the Dutch recuperated from the sea by pumping the water out and planting forests, and it portrays excellently the determined nature of the Dutch people to make their country the great place it now is. Flevo Natuur boasts hundreds of chalets and homes where many families live in permanence, plus caravans, mobile homes and tents, and on sunny weekends hundreds of families are to be found relaxing and enjoying the untouched natural surroundings. There are two pools, one indoors with Jacuzzi and sauna, and one outdoor close to a snack bar, restaurant and supermarket, so all needs are catered for on the site. There are many natural lakes and canals too, and walking around in the early morning when most holidaymakers are still asleep, you will be astonished by the dozens of huge hares that are nibbling at the green grass, and that look at you with a wary eye while continuing there munching undisturbed. The dawn chorus at 4am is another reminder that you are truly in the wilds, even though Amsterdam is only 50 km away.

The Smoothie Days got underway with an 'official opening speech'from Gerard the first of many to come and then a brunch in which all the participants got to know each other or renewed old acquaintances. The sun was shining, and on the Friday many new arrivals were to be counted: families, couples, single people, all ages and sizes were to be found, not forgetting a great influx of dogs, which seemed to belong as much as any humans participants did, although no dog was 'shaven, thankfully.

Many activities were got through over the four day meeting, including a photo shoot with Richard, a demonstration of laser depilation from a Swedish team, a line-dancing lesson with Natasja, a young European champion who put many an adult through their paces, a couple of barbecues, massage demonstrations, a swim at the outdoor pool, many, many 'official opening speeches' during which Gerard revealed his talents as a comic actor, and when an impromptu thunderstorm dampened the surroundings a bit, a few of the girls spontaneously began dancing in the rain with the flags, all of which made a great and unique sequence in the film I was shooting throughout the whole meeting, so even though the ground was damp, spirits were not, and the whole long weekend was one of happy people enjoying happy company on a happy holiday that will long live in everyone's memory as a great time had by one and all.

But as always when you're having a great time, time passed so quickly, and the Monday morning saw the final 'closing speech' really the 'official opening speech' disguised! - and people began packing and leaving as the day progressed. But as Gerard said, it had been the most successful of Smoothie Days, and he hoped that the next year's event would be even more successful with many more foreign visitors tempted to visit and join in the fun as word is spread.

So, a big thank you to Gerard, Ria and all the other members of this unique club who made our visit such a joy. We had a great time, and made a great film, which we hope will convey a little of the happy atmosphere and joy of the whole meeting, and maybe incite others to join in next time this Happy Holland Holiday.

To contact the Dutch Smoothie group: World of the Nudest Nudist, Postbus 291,1700 AG Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. Email:; Internet:


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