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"The Australian Naturist"  # 7


By Steve Holding

Last October, I was in need of a holiday, but my funds were short. Hence, I looked around for an inexpensive destination. I examined the Philippines, South East Asia, and Eastern European countries, and finally decided upon Ukraine.

I made contact with a naturist group in Kiev (Ukraine's capital). I found out that tourist hotels and accommodation could be quite expensive, so Andrii Litovchenko, [the president of the Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists (KCN)] arranged accommodation that was well inside my budget. After booking my flight and acquiring my visa, I was on my way!

"The Australian Naturist"  # 7

I traveled to Singapore, then Frankfurt where I had a couple of hours stopover, and then on to Kiev. I was met by a lady who escorted me into the city. This was very helpful, as English is not the spoken language. I was soon settled into my furnished apartment, and was being accompanied by a Ukrainian lady to the tourist sights of Kiev. This included museums, churches, markets, parks and monuments. My guide was very helpful in translating and explaining about the history and fascinating architecture of the buildings. Some of these were built hundreds of years before Australia was even colonized.

The attraction that I enjoyed most in Ukraine was the naturist saunas. Here, people would meet to swim, play games, or just relax in the saunas, and then sit around a table, eat watermelon and drink tea to replenish the moisture lost from their bodies. It was a wonderful place to be, as the outside temperature was sometimes only 5 degrees Celsius during the day. I was surprised to notice the large number of women in the saunas, especially in the 20 to 30 age group. At naturists clubs in Australia we do not have such a female following in this age group.

Sometimes an artist would do bodypainting, and women would end up with art painted on interesting places. If agreeable, the ladies would let themselves be photographed. Photography is accepted, so long as permission from the subject is given. Some of the other activities included massage by hands or by leaves tied into a small broom that was used in a light whipping action. In one week, I was invited to four different saunas and met many interesting people.

I enjoyed my Autumn visit to Kiev, but was told that it is more appealing in Summer, as the beaches on the Dnieper River and the Black Sea are magnificent and allow naturists to freely enjoy the outdoors. There are two free beaches on the Dnieper River within Kiev, which are easily accessible by public transport. They have sandy shores, and shady trees nearby. In summer, the naturists enjoy picnics, windsurfing, volleyball and other beach games.

"The Australian Naturist"  # 7

Andrii helped make my stay exciting and rejuvenating, by introducing me to the saunas and finding accommodation and a guide for me. He can organize trips to the ancient city of Odessa on the Black Sea, which also has a naturist beach. Crimea is another spot of interest with its historical sites and interesting culture. Quite a number of Ukrainian ladies and few men have contacted me, wishing to be introduced to Australians. If you wish to make some new friends or visit Ukraine, you are welcome to email me for information.

Steve Holding

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