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"The Australian Naturist"  # 8

Kiev Summers

By Andrii Litovchenko

Just imagine that you are in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and want to get to know its naturist life. First of all you should know, that there are no private naturist clubs or beaches in Ukraine. All clubs are public organizations. Whether they are registered or unregistered by the local authorities, their public status doesn't mean that the authorities are well disposed towards naturists. They deny our requests to assign naturist status to some beaches. So, the beaches are free but without facilities. They are located on municipal territory and are designated for naturists.

"The Australian Naturist"  # 8


There are two big beaches in Kiev. One of them can be find in Hydropark. This is a recreation zone formed by the huge islands that lie in the middle of the Dnieper River, which passes through the city. The shoreline is about 300m in length and 50m in width with an open space with beautiful sand and thick bushes, which becomes thinly wooded at the rear of beach. The naturist section is about half the total area. The remainder is used by textiles, voyeurs, and slightly intoxicated folk. The atmosphere is not favourable for relaxation. That's why more and more naturists are now frequenting another beach, which is in the northern upper town of Obolon.

The Kiev Commonwealth of Naturist (KCN) club members founded it. It has clean, fine sand, shade trees and bushes, a lake with flowers and thick grass. It is a wonderful place to relax after work. About 100 people gather here on weekends. Textiles don't use it, and there are no voyeurs. Practically everyone using the beach knows each other. There is an atmosphere of friendliness and peacefulness. It's just a pity that our sunny season is not long enough.

The Ukraine, as most other moderate-continental climate countries has a mild winter. Temperatures below zero Centigrade are only experienced during December to February in the north of the country. Though there is an occasional frost of-20 С sometimes. A snow covering in the city doesn't lie for a long, usually no longer than two weeks. Spring begins in March when the sun becomes warm enough to sunbathe on a windless day. Most Kiev naturists don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the natural warmth. It's not unusual at this time of year to see a group of fishermen sitting on a bay or lake of ice, dressed as warmly as Santa Claus, yet only 100m behind them naturists will be sunbathing on the shore.

However, the real sunbathing season begins at the end of April. New leaves appear on trees, temperatures rise to 20C during the day, and thousands of people, not only naturists, rush to the beaches. The water is still cold around 12-15C, and not everybody risks a dip, but everybody sunbathes, play vol-leyball and badminton. Unfortunately, some people abuse these rights and leave a lot of trash at picnic places. Naturist beaches are less disposed to this problem because those that use the area are more in harmony with Nature. If local authorities ever decided to put naturist beaches under the control of a naturist community, there would be ideal order.

"The Australian Naturist"  # 8


By the middle of the May the water and air temperatures are ideal. The KCN club arranges a festival for the opening of the sunbathing season. This day is a special, open-door day. Not all newcomers dare to get naked at first. But the friendliness and enjoyment so affects them that most eventually become members. Of course, we have games, a meal prepared by joint efforts, and much more in the festival program. Everybody eagerly awaits the feast at the improvised table on the sand. We have a similar celebration at the end of August when everybody returns home after their vacation. This symbolizes the end of sunbathing season. However, we usually can still enjoy the sunshine through the whole of September

At the beginning of June we celebrate one of Ukraine's most ancient festivals. It originated before Christian/Slavic times -and is called Ivana Kupala. On the night of Ivana Kupala our ancestors made fires, got naked, danced in a ring around the fire, and sang religious songs. Jumping over the fire symbolized cleaning the soul, and nudity was an act of new birth.

The eve of Ivana Kupala is one of the most popular festivals at our club. Before sunset, we gather on the beach, make a fire, prepare a feast. Young women pick flowers from the meadow and adorn themselves with flowered crowns. At the end of festival they throw them into the river. Legend says that the man, who takes the crown from the water, will become her husband. The fires are lit at dusk. Dancing and jumping through the flames of the fire begins at midnight. Then to the accompaniment of a guitar, everyone sings and stays nude until the dawn.

With a starlit sky reflected in the water, plus the lights of the many fires along the riverbank, and joined by friends with their silhouettes lit by the tongues of flame - сгеates a mood so marvelous and romantic.

Kiev's naturists do not spend their summer just on the beaches. Of a weekend it's popular to get out of the city. A popularl locality is the artificial Dnieper Lake, where it is possible to walk among the picturesque meadows and bushes, located between the Dnieper and Desyonka rivers.

We have saunas which we enjoy year-round. It is here that those naturists who are unable to get outside in summer, get the chance to meet their friends. Many of Kiev's naturists also enjoy their summer vacation at the Black Sea.

There are many different ways that Kiev naturists can have a good time during summer. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has dozens of museums, theatres, concert halls, parks and attractions, ancient churches and abbeys, which have stood for over 1500 years. On the last weekend of May we' observe the City Day. The lilacs and chestnuts blossom at this time, and the air is filled with a scent of flowers. The entire city takes part in the celebrations. This is certainly an ideal time to visit Ukraine.

If you want to visit Kiev or have any questions, contact me at P.O. Box 74 Kiev, 04213 Ukraine. Or check out our web site at:

Andrii Litovchenko, President of club

“Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists “ (KCN)

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