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Michael Kokotchikov

Born in 1957 in Russia.  Since 1960 is a resident of Ukraine. Spent hichildhood in Nova Kahovka. Graduate of Zaporozhie Medical College.  Works in Kiev, doctor - pathologoanatomist. Was one of the founders of the first naturist association in Ukraine - Kupava, in 1994. Spent many years mastering photographer's skills.  A member of the Ikar club.  Published by Ukrainian periodicals and takes parts in photo-contests.  His motto is "Maximum nudity with minimum erotica". Adherent to healthy life style. Married, has a son and a daughter.

Kockotchikov Michael

Here are some of his interesting photos.

Andreyevskiy spusk street Landscapes of Kiev Apple
Landscapes of Kiev Landscapes of Kiev In Crimea
In Crimea Features plays on the flute Autumn
Landscapes of Kiev The girl with a red scarf Landscapes of Kiev
In Crimea   The girl with  the blue eyes


Igor Baranko


Igor Baranko

the painter and caricaturist, recently has left Ukraine for the California.

Here are some of his works - caricatures:

Andrii Litovchenko, President of our club

One more figure




Yegor Perov - our painter with his favorite model Tatyana.

Egor Perov

Meet our artist - Egor Perov.  We see him as an extraordinary person with good sense of humor, open soul, and a talented self-built artist.  You have to love people very much to carefully bodypaint your models without looking back at time spent.  His masterpieces' lives are no more than two hours.  Doesn't matter how many times we watched him working, we have never seen an indifferent face.  He can always find a warm word for kids and joke for women.  Egor is not one of those who walks his life without leaving a trace in other people's souls.  Many people, when sharing pictures with his masterpieces, recall him with great kindness.

Set of his works in section Body painting

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Victor Osychniy - "Pseudo-classicism"

Victor Osychniy

an artist

He was born 33 years ago in Poltava region. Graduated from the Kharkov School of Fine Arts. The objects of his paintings are Woman and Nature. Believes in beauty as being a hand of the divine on the Earth. Took part in two Chrismass exhibitions in Kharkov. Favorite quotation is "Love the art in yourself as opposed to yourself in the art".

Meditation (1997) Looking into the distance (1997)
Before dream (1997) The mood (1997)

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