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Happy Holland Holidays

What happens when the Dutch Smoothy Club and a few members of the KCN (get together to celebrate the International Smoothy Days at Flevo  Natuur in Holland?

Well, to say that the four days were filled with intense fun and frolics would be a big understatement, so luckily KCN Productions cameras were at hand to record what was to be a great and unique event in the annals of naturist meetings: meet Gerard, President of the Dutch Smoothy Club, and his wife Ria, as they welcome a jolly crowd of all ages, then host them through a diverse program of activities.

Enjoy a photo-shoot with Richard, a chaotic line-dance lesson with 8 year old Natasja, European Junior vice-champion, tasty breakfasts and sizzling barbecues, swimming in Flevo Natuur's outdoor pool, traditional herring eating, and when the sun gives in to a violent rain storm, watch theun-dampened spirits of some of the young girls as they dance happily in the pouring rain, and a lot more. So sit back and enjoy with us what was a really great and happy holiday in Holland!

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