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Six Girls in One Bus

Film by Andrii  Litovchenko

This is the first film from a new series entitled "Unexplored Ukraine", which will show naturist expeditions in different parts of this Eastern European country.

In this film the viewer will follow six girls (some new, some familiar) and one cameraman to the Crimean Grand Canyon and a small lake. They visit the archeological dig of an ancient city and a watermelon plantation. They make a few first hesitant steps at a diving school and then try to use this newly-learnt knowledge in the sea. And of course, they visit and explore many other wonderful places.

There is not so much commentary in this film, but there is a lot of music, and a great deal of good humor, laughter and romanticism. Our world is beautiful, but it is doubly beautiful when, like the young girls in this film, you explore it naked, so we invite you to sit back and let yourself go with the free and easy world of Ukrainian and the KCN in this lively and original video-diary.

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