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Brief History of Nudism-Naturism

Ancient world didn't know any clothes,  and a loincloth served to protect the most vulnerable parts of the body from damage during hunting or gathering fruits.

Ancient Greeks worshiped pagan gods personifying the forces of Nature.  They believed that a human body is a perfection itself.  All athletes taking part in the Olympic games were naked.  Ancient Sparta men and women played sports not wearing any clothes as well.  The cult of physical fitness lived long in the ancient history and reached our days with its statues and pictures of naked body, aesthetically perfect and with no trace of any erotic character.

In Middle Ages, in Europe, at the peak of inquisition, any liberty of human thought differing from that of upper priesthood  was persecuted.  Naked body was not an exception.  Icons were painted again, and clothes became so abundant in style that it looked and felt quite awkward.

Renaissance was a reaction to the human origin intimidation era.  It granted the world many masterpieces of art and culture.  Based on the biblical plot, artists had extolled the beauty and perfection of a human body.

Since late 19th century, the Western Europe society had become more tolerant to the naked human body.  First nudist beaches appeared in Germany in 1893.  In the beginning of 20th century a German psychiatrist Henry Tudor offered a system of physical and psychological rehabilitation based on dances and sport exercise of naked people in the open air (we would call it aerobics).  He is thought to be a founder of the modern nudism.

After the World War II the united western society got another push for development of nudism.  An important tendency was to eliminate the class, religion, national and other boundaries between different people.  Tolerance to individual differences found its reflection in naturism as well.  The number of naturist centers and clubs was growing beyond dozens of thousands, and the number of members beyond dozens of millions.  In the 50s the International Naturism Federation (INF), which embraced over 30 national federations was established.  This movement is the most developed in Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland.  In Western Europe those are France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands.  In North America - USA and Canada.

Slavic, and Ukrainian naturism in particular finds its roots in pagan religion.  The Ioanna Kupala day, which is still celebrated, represents a merger of a human with Nature, purification through rituals of jumping over the fire and washing in the water.  Of course, no clothes is necessary.

No matter how strangely it sounds, but according to a German guest, men and women sunbathed naked on the beaches of Kiev in the end of 19th century.  He writes: Something we have been struggling for in our home does exist here.  Nudism boom in Russia took place in 20s of 20th century.  But it used to be a challenge, a challenge to philistines.  We know about marches of naked people in Kharkov with their slogans to be: No Shame.  It is natural to understand that it is not a characteristic of modern naturism.

During the Stalin era, nudists and esperantists were persecuted for their foreign relations (not for ideology reasons), imprisoned and executed.  The only nudist beach in the former USSR, which never interrupted its functioning, was a huge and hard-to-get-to beach in Fox Bay, Crimea, next to Koktebel.

The Thaw of 60s gave new life into Soviet nudism.  There again appeared wild and hard-to-reach for a authoritative hand beaches.  It was only in the Baltic counties whose culture was the closest to the Western that those beaches were open.  Though, there was a wire fence that served a border line between male and female sections.  The most couragable were closer to the border line, and those shy were watching from quite a distance.

With the beginning of the Perestroika that border crumbled.  The first official nudist beach was opened in 1989 on Riga Seashore.  Then came "Silver Bor" in Moscow, a beach on Finnish Bay in St. Petersburg, and a beach in Kiev HydroPark.

About our club

Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists (KCN) -   the largest naturist club in Ukraine with more that a 100 members (members are at least 18 y. o.).  The Club registered with Kiev City Justice Department on March 4, 1997.  The core of the club was established a couple of years before that, when out of a diversified crowd of Kiev nudists immerged a group of adherents of family naturism.  Eventually the group grew, mainly for the account of family members and friends of the current members.  We had not been closed for single and divorced men and women who were attracted by the atmosphere of openness, kindness and joy that underlies our events.  Children are vital part of our company.  They feel like home at our club.
In 1998 KCN has become a member of International Naturism Federation (INF) as a Ukraine representative.  The club does a lot of things in coordination of the naturist movement in Ukraine and comes out as a center for information dissemination and healthy life style propaganda.  There maintained many contacts with foreign naturist organizations and individuals.  Foreign mess media often publish articles about our club and naturism in Ukraine.  That was we have established and are maintaining an image of Ukraine as a civilized European state.
To the advantage of the club members there is a sauna and a comfortable beach on the Dneper Bay.  In spite of we don't have any regulation on the male vs. female proportion, the number of those is about equal.  In addition, age of members varies from 2 to 65 years old.  Average female age is 33, and male - 37 years old.
As far as the social status of our members is concerned, it varies from representatives of working class to businessmen and government employees.  Prevailing is a number of people with higher education (75%) and low income.  That is why we reduced to the minimum the membership fee as well as events entrance fee.  All posts in the club are voluntary.
Basic regulations that each candidate to club membership has to comply with are tolerance, equality, intelligence.  People who do not come to that feel uncomfortable and leave soon.
Alcoholic beverages are allowed on holidays only, with champagne to be the strongest.  We celebrate
holidays together in the sauna, in the swimming pool, on the beach, outside the city.  Dances, games, contests - everyone can show him/herself and feel the unity with the rest of the club.  The club arranges regular tours to seaside, mountains, foreign naturist resorts.  The main criterions for choosing a tour is its affordability by as many members as possible.
The main feature of our club is that the tone of its existence is set by women.  This is the secret of its sustainability.

                    Andrii Litovchenko

                    Chairman of the Board of KCN

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