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The celebrations

Ioann Kupala Celebration

The origin of the holiday lies in depths of the pagan Rus history.  It is celebrated on July 6.  After Rus was baptized it had merged with the Day of Ioann the Baptist. This day had been mysterious; people were reluctant to talk about it, just smiled, and composed fairy-tales. A poet Sergei Esenin used to call himself a grandson of Kupala night.  That night many vetoes and taboos could be waived. Girls could reveal their feelings to the one they had chosen. On that very night, only once a year, a mysterious fern-flower was blooming with fire-red blossom. As the legend says, those who could find a blooming fern-flower could make any wish, which would come true. The day of Ioann Kupala was the day after which young men could propose to their girls.  The marriage parties arrangement were made.  We celebrate this holiday as a memory of those old days, and see it as another reason to have fun jumping over the camp fire, confess in love, and say warm words to friends.  In modern definition we love this day as a holiday of communication with friends, loved ones and Nature.

 Dances by the camp fire.

   It is a tradition to jump over the camp fire on the day of Ioann Kupala.


Birthday of the Club - March 4

We have been longing for this day.  Everybody expects holidays, or just makes them happen.  We had a good spring reason (4.03.1997)  It is not a small period of time. Different individuals have got together and feel comfortable and happy.  A stock of sweets and cakes reminds us of childhood.  That is whey adults got into sweet temptation so eagerly.  Where else is it appropriate to lick of the remains of halvah from your finger - only here with us.  You could hear giggling by the bulletin board on the wall.  The fact of the matter was that the picture of a head was separated from the rest of the body and the challenge was to restore the whole.  It wasn't that easy to do.
When Oriental music began to play the room reminded harem.  The most interesting thing in life is an interesting life.  It is interesting for us to be together!  Lots of exciting came from our contests.  And our artist, of course, paid much attention to live canvas.

The girls in the rhythm of the dance - they can't escape.   

... try to find out where whose body - separately  head, trunk and leg  


World Naturist day

June 4th was the Naturism Day celebrated worldwide. We, as usually, celebrated the holiday at our beach. The weather happened to be favorable - tender sunshine, no clouds on the sky - all this contributed to the great mood of the naked people. There you could taste exceptional shashlik, enjoy singing, dancing and body art. The celebration party ended only after the sun sank beyond the horizon and the moon began its night shift.



The favourite occupation of Egor Flower will be ready soon On a background of a flag of the Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists

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