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Places of rest

We basically spend the free time in Kiev on a beach on Obolon and in a sauna.

The beach

The beach, which is in the north upper town called Obolon.
You can get there by trolley bus #24 from subway station “Minskaya” to the end stop. Then you should get forward about 300 m and after garages take right. The paved path will lead you to the gate of a children yacht club. Behind the backyard fence of the club you will find a naturist beach.


Photos of the sauna? - Here!

The beach on Obolon

If you want to look beach photos - press here


Saunas and swimming-pool

The time-table and conditions of visiting saunas and swimming-pool ÊÑN:

Day of the Week Saturday Sunday
Location SC "Voskhod"

8 Borispolska Street

SC "Olimp"

11 Kulibina Street

How to Get There Tram 31 or taxi-bus 22.

Taxi-bus 31 from "Kontraktovaya Square" metro station

Tram or taxi-bus 22 from "Chernigovskaya" metro station

"Nivki" metro station
Time I group 18:30 - 21:00 I group 18:30 - 21:00
Cost of visiting* (roughly) members of club men/women 10hr./5hr.
non-members of club men/women 12hr./6hr.



* Free entrance for kids younger than 14 y. o. 14-18 y. o. and pensioners - 2 hr.

  • Those younger than 14 y.o. must be accompanied by parents (including sauna) to all events.
  • 14 - 18 y.o. must obtain parents' approval to attend the events.
  • If you are new, you would need a reference from a club member.

You must bring:

  1. towel or sheets;
  2. sleepers;
  3. non-rubber hat;
  4. shower accessories.

What you Must do:

  1. take a shower in the beginning;
  2. wipe water off your body;
  3. leave your sleepers outside the sauna room;
  4. use your towel to sit on;
  5. leave alive.

What you Must Not do:

  1. pour anything onto the hot stones;
  2. use aromatic substances;
  3. bring glassware and water into the sauna room;
  4. drink alcoholic beverages;
  5. disrespect others.

What is encouraged:

  1. good mood;
  2. sense of humor;
  3. kindness and attentiveness;
  4. common sense.

What is good to know:

  1. Brunch-bunches are used with women only (it is not male discrimination, it is a shortage of time).
  2. Beer lovers can enjoy their beer after the sauna session only.
  3. Alcoholic beverages stronger than champagne are not accepted for the club events.
  4. You can wear a robe, a sheet, a towel - but any bathing suits are not accepted.

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