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Dear Friends, a talented painter-designer from Kiev, Ksenia, is preparing her first personal exhibition devoted to celebration of the Ivana Kupala night. We cordially invite you for the exhibition and hope it will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions. All info concerning the forthcoming event you can get if you send your questions to the following address

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The Sexual Offences Bill had a second reading in the House of Commons on 15th July 2003. The parliamentary summer recess ends on the 8th September and the SOB will then be read through and discussed during the Commons Committee Stage. A third reading and debate of the entire bill is scheduled to start on 14th October in the House of Commons. There is still no movement on including a sexual motive in the definition of the offence of 'Exposure' -Clause 68 - and registration as a 'sex offender' remains a prospect for those found guilty. Time is running out for letters to MPs and other interested bodies and readers are urged to make their voices heard - even at this eleventh hour.


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