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There are basically photos from a sauna on Darnitsa and sauna on Nivki. Join to us! You can learn about the time-table and conditions of visiting sauna КСN in section Places of rest








On The Beach

Our favorite resort in Kiev is a nudist Obolon Beach. Water meadow and clean river sand contribute to the best conditions possible for getting sun tan, trees and bushes provide for a cool shadow. The swimming season starts in March and ends in October.  Many of our naturists swim in the open air all year round. On sunny days there can be up to a hundred of naturists at our beach. We sunbathe, swim, play volleyball.  In other words, we do "let it go".











Body painting

Body painting is a form of an artist's self-expression when a human body is used instead of canvas.  There is nothing unusual in people's interest to paint on bodies and be painted.  The roots of this interest lies in ancient tradition to color the body before hunting, combat or religious ritual.  Recall the colors of American Indians and some African tribes.  Modern cosmetics is a derivative from the ancient body paining (and often used for "hunting" too).
Body painting is a very popular entertainment among naturists.  We cannot do without it, especially during celebrations!
In the beginning there was a body.  Then came colored clay and juices of wild plants.  Ancient artist thought that colorful means beautiful.  There existed a problem: no paper, no canvas.  It will come later, but there is need for painting.  There was his Miss Cave catching warmth of the fire.  He decided to paint her as he sees it.

Everybody painted: Indians, Vikings, Eskimos.  In ancient world body paintings were used to distinguish between social status, honorability degree, number of wives, kind of taste or its absence.  In the East, in India, there still are traces of ancient body paining traditions.  Each cast has its own type of "bendy" and they paint hand palms and feet before marriage ritual. Cosmetics and tattooing are reflections of the same wish to color oneself and enhance self-expression. Body Painting is a process oriented phenomenon.  There is a picture in the end, but it is very temporary.  But what a pleasure for an artist it gives to paint.  Live masterpiece bares a live idea of the artist, and then vanish, with no trace of memory, arguments, even a smile.
The artist is excited: Here is my Muse who inspired me, I will paint on her. While painting, there arises an invisible tandem of the artist with a model.  They both self express, by mutual agreement.  Naked nature is like an open soul.  She gets to the Truth and Freedom. Here you see works of our club artist Yegor Perov.





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