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Politics&Culture #20

Oksana Shevchenko

The “professional” holiday of the Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists- “The International Day of Naturism”–was celebrated very modestly because bad weather was in full swing. (NEW!)

"The Australian Naturist" #20

By Peter H. Dietrich

 We invite you to read about an unforgettable trip to Holland in Summer this year. (NEW!)

"H&E Naturist"
August 2003

By Peter H. Dietrich

A great voyage to Holland in Summer 2003!
Read and enjoy it with us!

КонкурсанткиSummer 2002

Article about  traveling  to  Bulgaria

"H&E Naturist"

"H&E Naturist"
May 2002

Video Review

Peter Dietrich First visited Kiev and Andrii's fledgling group in 1999. He returned a short while later and joined the group on their annual trip to the Crimea - out of which came the two-part film Crimean Odyssey...

"The Australian Naturist"

"The Australian Naturist" #15

Happy Birthday KCN

The Ukraine is one of the many countries that once formed part of the Soviet Union, and as such was lost in the huge mass of that  pitiless and soul-destroying machinery. But now, since regaining its independence, it is struggling to re-establish its own identity and recapture its buried, but not forgotten, history and culture.....

"What's On"

"What's On"

Back to Bare Basics!

When it comes to being outrageously under-dressed, Kyivites are not renowned for their reserve or conservativism, but even hardened veterans of Khreschatyk's avalanche of micro skirts and panty lines may be surprised by     the level of nudity on display on Kyiv's one and only semi-official naturist beach....

"H&E Naturist"

"H&E Naturist"
October 2002

Naked Adventures by the azov sea

Peter Dietrich visits an old Soviet resort attempting to transform itself into a Ukrainian Agde

"H&E Naturist"

"H&E Naturist"
November 2002

Bare and beautiful in Bulgaria
By Peter H. Dietrich

Recovered from our recent Azov Sea and Crimean trip, we were invited by the local  representative of Bulgarian naturism, Veselin Dimitrov, to make a film about the annual Sea festival in Varna, Bulgaria. It's always good to visit new places, and our hopes were high as we left Kiev for the long drive through Rumania and Bulgaria. There were only five of us this time: Andrii and his wife Natasha, Lesia and her mother, Tanya, and me.



The Romantics from the “wild” beach
by Andrii Litovchenko

The perverts, maniacs, crazy – those epithets the society saves for naturists. At the same time these naturists have their own philosophy and high moral standards.


"The Australian Naturist""The Australian Naturist" #17

THE  VIDEO Ukraine, Rumania, Bulgaria
By Peter H. Dietrich

So many plans, made during the long, cold Ukrainian winter, and then suddenly it's summer, and only one month left before our first departure, and the familiar last-minute panic sets in as time runs out. Will we find the much-needed minibus? Will all the interested participants be able to leave with us? Will the new cameras work okay in the field?...

"Naturally" "Naturally"  #45

KCN Summer tours 2002
By Peter H. Dietrich

There is the same article in the magazine

"The Australian Naturist" #17


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