My  Travelling  to  Bulgaria

After some rest in the Crimea, we, a group of naturists from Kiev, Ukraine, decided to go to Bulgaria, a country in the South Eastern part of Europe. To get there, we had to cross several state borders, but we boldly overcame all these difficulties because we had a noble task for us : to take part in The Sea Festival which  was organized not far from Varna.

Varna, was our first stop after crossing the Bulgarian border. Veselin Dimitrov, a very friendly and kind Bulgarian naturist, met us there and it was he, who became our guide and interpreter during our stay in his country. 

We lived in a private hotel 17 kilometers from Varna. Its owners were Ivan and Stefka Shinderov, a husband and wife, who were naturists too. We had a very hospitable reception. Ivan and his wife showed us around the house. Our rooms were on the second floor of their hotel.


I had  very good impressions after my first contacts with the Bulgarians already during our first evening there. They were kind and hospitable. A Bulgarian will always help you, do some favour, even for a foreigner. He can shake his head as if in disapproval, but this really means O.K., so, our system of gestures is quite different from the Bulgarian one.

The Bulgarian language, as well as the Ukrainian one, belongs to the Slavonic group of the Indo-European languages. The ABC is a system of Cyrillic letters, which look like the letters in the Ukrainian alphabet. But when we tried to understand a spoken Bulgarian, it turned to be quite difficult!

All next day we spent on the beach, swimming, tanning, resting after a very long voyage, and preparing for the Festival. And finally, that long-awaited day, for the sake of which we had covered such a long distance, came!

There were a lot of people there: both the guests and the locals gathered on the beach. All of them did know that a naturist Festival is organized on a beach near the famous Golden Sands, not far from a former country house of Nikolai Giaurov, a Bulgarian opera singer. The organizers held a lot of interesting competitions that entertained not only the spectators, but also the participants. For example, we run in sacks, showed our talents in body-art, played in a beach lottery and competed in a tug-of-war. A special game for children Who will finish a piece of a water melon in the fastest way ? became an enthralling event !

The culmination of the Festival was The Miss Nude competition in which took part five young ladies from different countries.

After several turns a winner was finally chosen Maya, a Bulgarian beauty. She got her crown and a water- melon, a traditional prize. After this, according to the tradition of the Festival, the body of the queen was painted and imprinted on a large piece of paper. The final part of the Festival was an auction where the imprint was sold. And then the organizers could say in proud: Our Festival was a success ! And they were quite right !

To tell the truth, it was not the end of our adventures in Bulgaria. We also visited many interesting places. I suppose, a few people know that Bulgaria has more than 370 km of nice beaches along its Black Sea coast. These beaches are among the best in Europe and we visited some of them, such as Panorama in Albena, a naturist beach in Reviera and, of course, the famous Golden Sands.

Here I should add that we could not appreciate all beauty of Varna during our first visit to this city. But when we returned there, we visited some of the local sights, such as  Primorskiy Garden, the Carpatian Nook, the Opera House. They say, not without reason, that Varna competes with such big cities as Sophia and Plovdiv not only in the sphere of tourism, but also in variety and richness of cultural life.

  Visiting different famous places, we did not notice that the whole week passed and it was time to return home. It was a pity to part with our new friends and to leave such a beautiful country, the more I visited it for the first time in my life !


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